Letter from Lorance to PF, [Algiers]


Letter from Lorance to PF, [Algiers]


Slaves (Christian)


Letter from Lorance, vicar apostolic, to PF. Lorance wants to express his gratitude and consolation that was within the letter sent by PF on 12 December last year. This should have ended the problems with the Trinitarians and the English consul, however this is unfortunately not the case. When the discalzed Trinitarians arrived on 21 March, they publicly announced in the presence of the divan that it was false, and made up by Lorance. They also stated that they had never heard of Cardinal Altieri [Paluzio Altieri, the PF prefect], PF, Father Ferdinando d'Alva, the pope, or the vicar; they had only heard of Divan d'Algery. This led to the rejection of his request by the Dey, to detain money from the alms to pay for the debts of Sig'r Gianola [Giuseppa Giannola?]. At least 4,000 piastre are in the hands of the Trinitarians, but are meant for this purpose. The Trinitarians and the English consul gave gifts to the Dey, for which they now receive help in return. The Trinitarians also have Trinitarians passports, and the money was actually meant for the ransoming of slaves. PF still allows the collected alms to be used to pay for the debts of Giannola. Lorance wants PF to give him a letter that will protect him against the Divan, and he wants the Trinitarians to pay the 4,000 piastre. It is also important that PF confirms the authority of the vicar over the Trintarians; the discalzed Trinitarians staying in Algiers claim that they can errect altars in the houses they are staying in, celebrate mass, confess, and do all the functions independently from the vicar and bishop, in every part of Christendom. Dominico Lassari (the nephew of the pope), has finally been ransomed for 800 piastre da otto reali; 260 had been paid by bis brother and the pope, 30 by the Discalzed Trinitarians, and the rest 200 scudi came from the alms of the Trinitarians. He has included a letter by the same Lassari.
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APF SC Barbaria 1, 124r-125r


no date


[Adressed to PF]


original; signed








Origin: [Algiers]
Destination: Rome


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