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Most of the documents listed in this collection fall in the following categories: correspondence between members of the Congregation of the Mission, various papal institutions, and the apostolic nuncios active in France and other countries; petitions submitted to the Roman Curia on behalf of members of the Congregation of the Mission; minutes of meetings evaluating those petitions; papal, royal, and other types of decrees; foundational documents and contracts forwarded to the Pope for confirmation or approval; notes and memos written for internal purposes by secretaries and lesser clerks of various papal offices or congregations; mission reports written by members of the Congregation of the Mission; and prints with theological themes.

The sources listed in this database are held in the Historical Archives 'de Propaganda Fide' (Archivio Storico 'de Propaganda Fide', via Urbano VIII, 16, Rome) and the Vatican Secret Archives (Archivio Segreto Vaticano, Vatican City). Research in the latter repository yielded only a small amount of relevant sources for the period under scrutiny, but the Historical Archives 'de Propaganda Fide' (APF) proved a much more fertile ground for this project--especially the Acta, Lettere, and SOCG ('Scritture originali riferite nelle congregazioni generali') collections.

Below is a list of all the collections used in this project:

Archivio Storico ‘de Propaganda Fide’ (APF)


Acta Sacrae Congregationis


Congregazioni Particolari


Lettere e decreti della Sacra Congregazione e Biglietti di Monsignor Segretario


Miscellanee diverse


Scritture riferite nei Congressi


Scritture originali riferite nelle congregazioni generali

Archivio Segreto Vaticano (ASV) 

Cong.Concilio, Libri Litter.

Congregazione Concilio, Libri Litterarum

Cong.Concilio, Libri Litter. Visit. SS. Liminum

Congregazione Concilio, Libri Littererarum Visitationum Sacrorum Liminum 

Cong.Concilio, Relat.Dioec.

Congregazione Concilio, Relationes Dioecesium

Cong. Vesc. Pos. Episc.

Congregazione Vescovi e Regolari, Positiones Episcoporum

Cong. Vesc. Reg. Episc.

Congregazione Vescovi e Regolari, Registra Episcoporum


Sacra Congregatio Episcoporum et Regularium


Sacra Congregatio Cardinalium Concilii Tridentini Interpretum