Letter from Joseph Marie de Suarès to PF, 1641-05-24


Letter from Joseph Marie de Suarès to PF, 1641-05-24


Christophe Authier
France (missions in)


The bishop of Vaison informs PF about the "spiritual progress and great results" of the "secular priests associated in a congregation called of the Missionaries, which is very useful to the Church, both for the conversion of heretics, and for the propagation of piety and devotion vis-à-vis the Holy sacraments," which he hears is also the case in neighboring dioceses. One of these priests, whom he brought to Vaurias and who has been preaching, hearing confessions, and teaching catechism, has made a great impression on the people and [thanks to him], the heretics are more easily converted. The bishop is ready to serve the faith and follow the decisions of PF in all matters etc.
Additional comments
Despite the name confusion ('a congregation called of the Missionaries'), it seems that this document is in reference to the congregation of Christophe Authier, rather than that of Vincent de Paul. In support of his congregation, Authier started a rather vigorous campaign in the early 1640's: for instance, he had the bishops of Vason, Valence, Aix, and others send letters to PF recommending him and his companions. By comparison, CM had a much weaker campaign in the late 1620s.


Joseph Marie de Suarès


APF SOCG 83, 432r-v, 443v




Addressed to PF


Other documents related to Authier are also in this volume (requests for the confirmation of his congregation, written by Authier himself; requests from PF to the nuncio for information on Authier's and his associates' character; edict by the bishop of Valence referring to the "Congregation of Missionary Priests" [Authier's congregation] according to which nobody can take minor or sacred orders unless they spend 20 days under the discipline of these priests; and the statutes of this congregation (f. 434v-439v and ff). Authier also requests apostolic confirmation of his congregation in a letter (treating other subjects as well) written on 1 October 1641: APF SOCG 83, 374r, 384v (not in this database).


Original; signed; Italian; the note on 443v is only a summary with no additional information from the PF








Origin: unknown
Destination: Rome


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