Letter from Girolamo Da Sassari to Antonio Di Seravezza, 16[69]-01-16, Rome


Letter from Girolamo Da Sassari to Antonio Di Seravezza, 16[69]-01-16, Rome


Seravezza case


Letter from Girolamo Da Sassari to Antonio Di Saraveza [Antonio Di Seravezza].  He has been in Rome for two months, due to the problems in Tunis. They have decided that there will be a Capuchin mission in the city, and that he will be its prefect. Many things that padre Damiano proposed were accepted (the kind of things that were only in their interest), which is why he does not want to go back to Tunis. He is however still willing to help his friend [Di Seravezza]. He hopes that they will see each other again and that he can tell him all the things that he cannot send in writing. Dottore Pagni, the grand duke of Florence, and the secretary of PF [Federico Baldeschi] have both shown him great respect for all the things he has done for the church. Levachier [Jean Le Vacher] cannot any longer pretend to have authority over the mission in Tunis, therefore he should only be concerned about Algiers. Caualli has become bishop in Napels, and he will visit him and give him the letters of Di Seravezza, to tell him about his suffering. He asks him to provide information on how things are going in Tunis. He has tried to help Mustafa della Meca who has converted, and the procurator general of the Celestines will also try to help him. He has given 170 pezze da otto reali to Labar, 150 to ransom Giacinto, and the other twenty are for Di Seravezza. He has also left behind some books, worth 50 pezze da otto reali, which should be used to atone Sig'r Carletto and Sig'r Biagio. He also asks to greet Sig'r Capitan Bernardo Rapalli, and Patron Martino, both from the bagno of San Francesco, and Angelo Bernardelli, Giulio Anastasio, Gio' Antonio, Andrea Caraca. He has tried to ransom the slave from Civitavecchia, but they did not want to let him go. PF wants the consul [Jean Ambrozin] to pay back everything he took from the church. He has been suprised that the consul has shown their writings, because it is very damaging to his reputation, but not to Da Sassari's. Before he can return to Tunis, he will first have to go to Sardinia, in order to see his general. 
Date discussed: 1670-11-10
Additional comments
Because the paper is torn the two last numbers of the year are missing. Even though Girolamo Da Sassari says he has been in Rome for two months, he left Tunis in September 1668. The month of the letter is January, so the year has to be 1669. According to the discussion in PF many things described by Girolamo Da Sassari in this letter are made up by him. APF SOCG 424, 242r-243v (database item 748). This would mean that Antonio Di Seravezza would still have been in Tunis, as he did not leave before August 1669.


Girolamo Da Sassari


APF SOCG 424, 245r-246v




Adressed to Antonio Di Seravezza


For the minutes of the PF meeting where this matter was discussed, see: APF ACTA 39, 197r, 201r-202v (database item 669).


Original; signed








Origin: Rome
Destination: [Tunis]


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