Letter from Giuseppe Maria da Genoa to the PF secretary [Francesco Ingoli], 1648-04-29, Algiers


Letter from Giuseppe Maria da Genoa to the PF secretary [Francesco Ingoli], 1648-04-29, Algiers


Slave priests


Letter from Giuseppe Maria da Genoa (Brother Giuseppe Maria), prefect of the Capuchin mission in Tabarca, letting PF know he had arrived in Algiers several days before, and that the plague continued to ravage the city. He mentions three priests in Algiers at that time (including himself), and that one of them, whom he does not name, was afraid of catching the disease, and therefore was showing some "reserve." Nevertheless he (Brother Giuseppe Maria) is making sure that all Christians receive the Holy sacraments and the required spiritual aid. Brother Giuseppe Maria also heard that a corsair ship was in the area, with three religious men captive on board, two of whom were ordained priests and the third a secular person; he is hoping that they would be brought to Algiers, rather than Tunis, so that they might provide assistance to him and the other two priests in Algiers. Brother Giuseppe Maria would like to add more details on the improvements that could be brought to the Algiers mission, and to the abuses that occur everyday, but "time does not allow for such repose." PF note on 211v mentions that no response was deemed necessary because, "shortly" after the receipt of this letter, news of Brother Giuseppe Maria's death reached PF.
Additional comments
The death of Brother Giuseppe Maria is announced to PF in a letter written in Tabarca on 9 June 1648 by Fra Bernardino da Casale (also a Capuchin), who says that Brother Giuseppe Maria of Genoa left Tabarca on 15 April and arrived in Algiers on 21 April. Brother Giuseppe Maria worked there indefatigably for a month, administering the sacraments to the Christians who had taken ill, and that at the end of one month he took ill with the same disease, and died after four or five days of illness. Brother Bernardino mentions some "included letters" that offer more details on Brother Giuseppe Maria's death, but they do not seem to have been filed in this volume. PF received Brother Bernardino's letter on 12 September 1648 (SOCG 65, 205r, 210v).


Giuseppe Maria da Genoa


APF SOCG 65, 204r, 210v




Addressed to [Francesco Ingoli]


For news of Brother Giuseppe Maria's death, see: PF SOCG 65, 205r, 210v (not in this database).


Original; signed, dated; Italian








Origin: Algiers
Destination: [Rome]


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