Petition on behalf of the Scottish missionaries to PF [1665]


Petition on behalf of the Scottish missionaries to PF [1665]


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Petition on behalf of the Scottish missionaries to PF including the following issues: a) the need of funding of a house where missionaries of the Scottish mission can retire; b) a list of the remaining missionaries (which are said to be too few) include: prefect Alessandro Vinstero [Alexander Winster], Giovanni Valchero, [John Walker], Gilberto Graio [Gilbert Gray], Bianchi [Francis White] and schoolteacher [Alexander Macalister]. Tomasso Lumisdeno [Thomas Lumsden] has already left the mission, and so has Alessandro Leso [Alexander Leith], both because they saw no hope that this house would ever be established. The petition also states that students in the Scottish colleges are unwilling to come the Scottish mission for the same reason. In response, the procurator proposes others for the mission, namely Giouanni Iruino [John Irvine], "signor Blaccallo" [Blackall?],  Guglielmo Graio [William Gray] and Alessandro Andersono [Alexander Anderson], and asks for missionary faculties for them. Moreover, he asks for funding for a book by John Walker about Puritanism and for the printing of a work on Church history in English. The petition is unsigned and undated. PF notes on 76r are hardly legible but the ACTA file containing the decisions made during PF meeting of 23 March 1665 indicate the following: a) on the matter of Walker's book, Father "Thomas Cortenerus" should be consulted again; b) for the retirement house, Cardinal Antonio should verify the details of the request and communicate the findings to PF.
Date discussed 1665-03-23
Additional comments
According to a note on f. 75v, these questions were presented to PF during the meeting of 15 February 1665, and discussed on 23 March 1665. The creator of this petition is probably the procurator of the Scottish misison, William Lesley, since he is mentioned in the petition as making several requests. Moreover, the format of this text is similar to other letters coming from Lesley. 


[William Lesley] on behalf of the Scottish missionaries


APF SOCG 308, 71r-75v




Addressed to PF


See for the discussion of this petition: APF ACTA 34, 43r, 48r-v and APF ACTA 34, 43r, 48v-49v.


Original, unsigned and undated








Origin: [Scotland]
Destination: Rome


[William Lesley] on behalf of the Scottish missionaries, “Petition on behalf of the Scottish missionaries to PF [1665],” Early Modern Documents: Sources and Resources for Historical Research, accessed July 6, 2022,

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