Copy of a letter from Alexander Winster to William Lesley [1665]


Copy of a letter from Alexander Winster to William Lesley [1665]




Copy of  a letter from the prefect of the Scottish mission Alessandro Vinstero [Alexander Winster], to Guglielmo Lesleo [William Lesley], procurator of that mission in Rome. Winster has almost lost all hope in writing since his letters have not been answered. The most urgent problem is the lack of priests for the mission, which should at least be doubled for the amount of existing Catholics; Winster specifically states that the Highlands are in great need, and the people there are about to lose their last consolation in the person of Francis White (written "Bianchi"), since he did not get any provision from PF and cannot continue his work without one. Winster is unable to help both White and the schoolteacher present there [Alexander Macalister], and if the Scottish mission is not helped, it will soon go to ruin. Winster notes that he received the 50 scudi which PF had sent for Alessandro Leso [Alexander Leith]; Leith left the mission to join the Jesuits and they now want that money, however, Winster did not give it to them, and is waiting for PF's orders on the matter. He also wonders whether he has to mention the names of Catholics in his reports, which he considers dangerous, or rather write about them in general terms. He also asks whether he as a prefect or someone else in Scotland is allowed to consecrate altars and chalices. Winster furthermore mentions that Giovanni Valchero, [John Walker] and Gilberto Graio [Gilbert Gray] are fine. A post scriptum mentions that in the meantime he received letters from a certain mister Coneo [Patrizio Coneo?], or "le Grande," with the news that letters from the procurator [Lesley] and from PF are on their way. He also received the letter of exchange for White and the schoolteacher [Alexander Macalister], which he can only communicate to them in the spring. At the meeting of 20 April 1665 the cardinals decided that they will ask the nuncio for information, and that  the secretary should keep in mind the matter of the provision. 
Date discussed 1665-04-20
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Alexander Winster


APF SOCG 308, 76r-78v, 97v




Addressed to William Lesley


For the minutes of the PF meeting where this matter was discussed, see:\ APF ACTA 34. f. 63r, 75r-76v.


Copy, unsigned and undated








Origin: [Scotland]
Destination: Rome


Alexander Winster, “Copy of a letter from Alexander Winster to William Lesley [1665],” Early Modern Documents: Sources and Resources for Historical Research, accessed July 6, 2022,

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