Letter from the nuncio to France, Carlo Roberti de’ Vittori, to PF, 1666-02-19, Paris


Letter from the nuncio to France, Carlo Roberti de’ Vittori, to PF, 1666-02-19, Paris




Letter from the nuncio to France, Carlo Roberti de' Vittori, to PF. He writes that following the orders of PF (as written in a letter from 30 December 1665), he has tried in various ways to convince the superior of PF [René Alméras] to send Giovanni Bianchi [John White], to the Scottish mission (White has been requested by his brother, the "prefect of the mission of secular priests in Scotland"; here the nuncio is mistaken, however, as John White’s brother, Francis White, has never been prefect of the Scottish misson. The superior has answered that he is always ready to obey to the orders of PF, but that he wanted to send PF the arguments against sending him. If however, after having taken notice of these reasons, the cardinals are still desiring to send John White, he will very readily carry out their orders. In the attached file (f. 252r), the superior general of CM [René Alméras] explains the reasons why he thinks it better not to send Giouanni Bianchi [John White] to the Scottish mission. Firstly he states to be very honoured by the request and willing to obey. However he has taken the liberty to write his objections: a) John White is not in Paris but is in another city where he has started teaching at the seminary which is run by CM. It would cause trouble for this seminary and be displeasing to the bishop, were he to be relocated; and b) he suffers from pains in his arm which might result in a paralysis. Therefore, he is not well suited for the harsh conditions of the Scottish mission, which require perfect health. However, the superior has written to two Irish priests and, after their response, he will refer their names to the nuncio. In any case, he is willing to obey PF with respect to John White and to anything else they might request. PF decided that, instead of Francis White [the wrong name is used; it should have been "John"], another Irish secular priest can be sent, until White is be able to go to the mission. The letter dated 19 February 1666.
Date discussed, 1666-03-22
Additional comments
The city where John White is staying might be Troyes (see APF SOCG 308, 280r, 283v (database item 344)).


Carlo Roberti de’ Vittori


APF SOCG 308, 251r-v, 252r, 254v




Addressed to PF


For the discussion of this letter, see: APF ACTA 35, 67r, 76v-77r.
This letter is a response to a letter by PF, see: APF Lettere 50, 129v-130r (database item 833).








Origin: Paris
Destination: Rome


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