Petition on behalf of Jean Le Vacher to PF, [1668-1671]


Petition on behalf of Jean Le Vacher to PF, [1668-1671]


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Petition on behalf of Jean Le Vacher. He asks for the copies of the letters that PF has sent to him, in the case he loses one (as sometimes happens), he will still have the other. He especially asks for the copies of the letters about the spiritual needs of the Christians living in Bastione, Marroc or other countries that were sent to him some months ago. He also brings the news of the death of Costaguti, who was the archbischop of Carthage and also Vicar Apostolic of the city. He proposes Trotti as the new archbishop and vicar apostolic, and asks PF to confirm this election, as they also did with Costaguti with a decree from 17 april 1650. After this there follow a bundle of letters (the numbers are added by us) collected by the secretary of PF [Federico] Baldeschi: a) Decree for Jean Le Vacher by Innocent X from 17 December 1650, in which he is declared vicar apostolic of Tunis; b) A decree from PF to Jean Le Vacher from 9 September 1652. He asked for three things. For jurisdiction over secular and regular priests, to forbid all ceremonies and rites that are not part of the Roman church, and to give the priests the faculties to say mass one hour before sunrise and one hour after the midday, so that the laborers who have to work can attend mass. PF agrees with the first and third point, but does nothing with the second; c) A Petition on behalf of 12 November 1652 on behalf of Adriani a S. Natalia, a discalded augustinian, for missionary faculties for someone of the same order. PF gives the faculties for three years to the augustinian a S. Margarita; d) A petition to PF on behalf of Jean Le Vacher from 9 December 1652, by which his authority as vicar apostolic is extended to Tripoli and other cities in the diocese of Carthage; e) is a decree for Jean Le Vacher from 29 November 1667, in which his position as vicar apostolic of Algiers and Tunis is confirmed; f) A letter from Cardinal Chigi to Le Vacher, written by Rome from 12 June 1662. The dominican Silvestro Bendici (who has been enslaved during his return from Armenia and brought to Tunis), asked for the missionary faculties to help a great amount of slaves in the city. They ask Le Vacher if the service of this priest is necessary and if he is suitable. If it is true that this priests says mass more often than is necessary and was allowed, this should not be accepted. Or if this still happens because the slaves ask for it, it should be given in moderation through time and place; g) A decree sent in the name of the prefect of PF, Antonio [Barberini Jr.] from 29 June 1666. For three years Le Vacher is allowed to give missionary faculties to regular or secular priests; h) Letter from the Prefect, Cardinal [Antonio] Barberini, and the secretary of PF, Her'mo Casanate [Girolamo Casanata] from 3 December 1667. For many years Le Vacher has been the vicar apostolic of Tunis, his services are still needed and therefore he is elected vicar apostolic of Algiers. They send him his faculties which also extend to Tunis. They ask him to inform them about the number of Christian slaves and priests in the bagnos; i) The faculties of vicar apostolic of Gio Le Vacher [Jean Le Vacher], from 27 November 1667 or actually 16 February 1668. They have not made the transcription because the stored version was incorrect; and j) Patent from the archbishop of Carthage, Scipio Costagusti, written in Napels by his secretary Iulius Grimaldus, by which Ioannis Le Vacher [Jean Le Vacher] is made vicar apostolic.
Date discussed: 1671-08-06
Additional comments
It has to be made somewhere between 1668 and 1671. The last letter is from 16 February 1668 and it has to be before 6 August 1671 because that is the date when it was discussed by PF.


Jean Le Vacher; Federico Baldeschi
Innocentius X; Cardinal Pamphili; Dionisio Massari; Antonio Barberinus Jr.; Cardinal Chigi; Girolamo Casanata; Scipio Costaguti


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Adressed to [PF] Adressed to Jean Le Vacher


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There is also a copy in APF SOCG 430, 255, 41r, 42r, 44v (database item 253).
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Origin: unknown
Destination: Rome


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