Letter from Jean Ambrozin to [Jean Le Vacher], 1669-07-10, Tunis


Letter from Jean Ambrozin to [Jean Le Vacher], 1669-07-10, Tunis


Slave priests
Seravezza case


Letter from Jean Ambrozin to [Jean Le Vacher], stating that he is happy that he is mentioned in his [Le VacherĀ“s] letters to Bourdieu, who told him that [Le Vacher] would like to know what happened to Da Sassari. They lived together for two years in good harmony until the advent of Antonio Di Seravezza, who told Da Sassari that he was not obliged to pray for the king [of France]. Ambrozin responded by saying that everyone who stayed in the French consulate should pray for the king. When these two priest said mass in the chapel of the consulate without calling to Ambrozin, it was clear to him that they disliked the French nation; it was whereafter he told Da Sassari that he had to live somewhere else. Da Sassari also said that he should pay for the maintenance of his chapel, and to give money to the chapel of Sant'Antonio. They tried to let the Dutch consul mediate between them and Ambrozin, and when Da Sassari realized he did not have a place to stay, he went to Livorno. It has been 10 months since he left and he has not sent a single letter in that time. He left Di Seravezza in his place, who talked about Ambrozin behind his back (for which he was also thrown out of the house). His accusation was based on a woman ransomed by the French (who he sent to Livorno), so that she could travel to her husband who resides in Sardinia. There are only two priests in this city, one who is not allowed to leave his bagno, and the other [Giuseppe Merino] who is a slave of [Agi Memet de Ainat], says the mass in the chapel of the consulate; it is for this reason, that Di Seravezza wants to excommunicate him. It is noted that something really should have been done against the scandalous behavior of Di Seravezza. If there are others priests who would like to come to Tunis, Ambrozin would be happy to receive them.
Date discussed: 1671-08-06
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APF SOCG 430 244r-v, 260r




Adressed to [Jean Le Vacher]


For the minutes of the PF meeting where this matter was discussed, see: APF ACTA 41 305r, 330r-338r.


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Origin: Tunis
Destination: [Algiers]


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