PF minutes, 1670-11-10, Rome


PF minutes, 1670-11-10, Rome


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Seravezza case


Minutes of PF general meeting of 10 November 1670 discussing among other issues, letters from the Capuchin Girolamo Da Sassari, (vice prefect to Algiers), the Minor Observant Antonio Di Seravezza (who worked in Algiers without patents of PF), and from others. The summary recounts the following: a) Jean Le Vacher was vicar apostolic in Tunis, until he left the city because of troubles with the consul of France [Jean Ambrozin]; b) Girolamo Da Sassari who was subsequently appointed by PF as vice prefect, had to leave the mission for the same reason; and c) Antonio Di Seravezza continued to live in Tunis, but never wrote to PF. When he did write, his letters were from Marseille, and he signed as vicar apostolic, despite not even being appointed missionary by PF. He wrote to the nuncio complaining about the consul and about Colbert, and the nuncio believed him and tried to remedy the issue. The conclusion from these letters reported on the summary is: 1) that Di Seravezza is dishonest and untrustworthy, and that it is not difficult to remedy this problem; 2) that something should be done about the consul, however this will be more difficult to remedy. The summary also discusses a letter from Girolamo Da Sassari to Antonio Di Seravezza, which includes false information about PF's position on the whole issue, e.g. that PF would have decided that the vicar apostolic [Jean Le Vacher] should not interfere in the Tunis mission despite him being granted vicar apostolic of the mission as well. Lastly, a letter is discussed from Antonio Di Seravezza to the vicar apostolic [Jean Le Vacher] in which: a) he complains about the consul; b) he reports to have sent Minor Observants to Tripoli, and tjhat he also wants to send others to Tunis; and c) he tells the vicar apostolic not to interfere with the Tunis mission, assuming that PF commissioned this mission to him (although he did not even receive missionary patents). The cardinals decide the following on the whole issue: 1) the vicar apostolic [Jean Le Vacher] should be written to regarding information about the consul; 2) the superior of the Minor Observants should recall Antonio Di Seravezza back from the mission; and 3) the patents that Girolamo Da Sassari received should be revoked.
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Origin: Rome


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