Letter from Antonio Di Seravezza to PF, [1670]


Letter from Antonio Di Seravezza to PF, [1670]


Seravezza case
Slaves (Christian)


Letter from Antonio Di Seravezza. He sends this letter and the attached document, because of urgent reasons of the Holy faith. Due to the great honors that he received from him, and because of all the things he has done for the church, Antonio Maria Ventimiglia of Tunis has been elected protector and defender of the church of Tunis. He asks for the patent of protector, and procurator of the church of Tunis, by which he would not have to recognize a higher authority. In the attachment there is a list of accusations against the French consul Ambrogini [Jean Ambrozin]: a) he sold a french boy to the Bassia, made the boy from Toulon the slave of the Bassia, and he had a French boy beaten 500 times with a cane; b) he called all the merchants to the dogana where he had them whipped and sold them to the Bassia; c) he tried to burn two vicar apostolics; d) he had beaten up and burnt Monsu Durand; e) he made two jews (who Di Seravezza just converted to catholicism), Turks; f) he expressed hapiness at the death of Monsu Belfort; g) he said that he did not know of any pope, king or cardinal, and that he did not believe in the virgin Mary, the mother of God; h) he sent away the Holy sacrament; i) he paid Turks and rennegades to beat Di Seravezza up; and j) he has taken 360 piastre from the church.
Date discussed: 1671-08-06
Additional comments
Some of this accusations also appear in other letters from Antonio Di Seravezza. The converted jews seem to be Giuseppe and Angiolo from APF SOCG 248r-249v, 255r-256r (database item 734). With the two vicar apostolics he probably means himself and Girolamo Da Sassari. Because it has been written in Paris it must be after Di Seravezza went to France, as in December 1669 he was in Marseille; this letter was probably written somewhere around this time.


Antonio Di Seravezza


APF SOCG 430, 254r, 257r




Adressed to [PF]


For the minutes of the PF meeting where this matter was discussed, see: APF ACTA 41 305r, 330r-338r.


Original; signed. Date and place missing.








Origin: unknown
Destination: Rome


Antonio Di Seravezza, “Letter from Antonio Di Seravezza to PF, [1670],” Early Modern Documents: Sources and Resources for Historical Research, accessed August 16, 2022, https://earlymoderndocs.omeka.net/items/show/13273.

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