Letter from Antonio Di Seravezza to PF, 1671-01-12, Cagliari


Letter from Antonio Di Seravezza to PF, 1671-01-12, Cagliari


Seravezza case


Letter from Antonio Di Seravezza to PF. Because he is such a sinner Di Seravezza decided to repent for his sins and by heavenly inspiration, decided to serve as a missionary in Barbaria. After arriving in Tunis he found Girolamo Da Sassari (the vicar apostolic), who was dealing with the tirrany of the French consul [Jean Ambrozin]; the consul threatened to let him burn, for which reason he was forced to go to Rome. Da Sassari left Di Seravezza as head of the church, and told him that he should make sure that the consul would not interfere with the goods of the church. Because the consul also tried to burn Di Seravezza four times, he too was forced to flee to France. The consuls of the city of Marseille listened to his reasons, and made a statement of it; one copy was sent to the Nuncio to France, and another translated copy was sent with the seal of the king of France, to PF. Due to the letters that other Christians wrote from Tunis, he was able to return to Tabarca. Because the consul knew this, he went to the Dey to tell him that Di Seravezza did not work in Tunis to help the Christians, but to instead make the city rebel. Di Seravezza went to Cagliari to discuss the matter with Da Sassari, only to find the latter dead. He has however been very fortunate to meet Cavaliere De Beauchamps, who also sent a letter to PF about his case. He also gave him his statement, and a copy from one of the merchants. Among others, he sent messages to Father Chintana, commissionary general of Terra Santa di Araceli, and to Father Ignatio di Roma; tit is requested that all the letters have to be delivered to PF, in order to ensure that they are well informed about the case.
Date discussed: 1671-08-06
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Antonio Di Seravezza


APF SOCG 430, 253r-v




Adressed to [the PF prefect, Antonio Barberini Jr.]


For the minutes of the PF meeting where this matter was discussed, see: APF ACTA 41 305r, 330r-338r.
See for the statement of Antonio Di Seravezza himself, mentioned in the letter APF SOCG 430, 248r-249v, 255r-256r (database item 734).
See for the statement of the merchants mentioned in the letter: APF SOCG 430, 247r-v (database item 733).
The letter of Beauchamps is probably: APF SOCG 430, 246r-v, 258r (database item 732).


Original; signed.








Origin: Cagliari
Destination: Rome


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