Summary of two letters of Alexander Winster, [1672]


Summary of two letters of Alexander Winster, [1672]


Petitions for faculties


Two letters arrived from Alessandro Winstero [Alexander Winster], the current Scottish prefect. The letters discuss various requests, and the response of the cardinals: a) as Gilberto Graio [Gilbert Gray] was useless for the mission, he was recalled. Winster has not done this yet, because he does not have enough money to provide Gray with traveling expenses; b) he also had the order to send Aless'ro Brunetto [Alexander Burnet] back for his inadecquacy, and he has given him 40 scudi travelling money. Winster still asks for the refund; c) Winster heard that some Scottish students go from one College to the another without any testimonial letters. The superiors of the Colleges should be instructed not to receive any student without the necessary testimonial letters; d) he asks for the faculties to consecrate chalices and portable alters, as currently there is not anyone who can do this; e) he asks what to do about the Holy oils since he cannot get them from mainland Europe (as prescribed by the canons); and f) because of the poverty in the country, Winster asks for the money requested to be sent in due time. Besides this, the Procurator Lesleo [William Lesley] also asks for the missionaries in Scotland to be paid on time, at least before the second half of the year begins. He also asks Aless'ro Irvino [Alexander Irvin] to be given the same amount of money as the other missionaries. Irvin receives 40 scudi, while the others get 50 scudi. He had previously paid the difference of 10 scudi himself, but he is unable to continue doing so. In response to the first issue, PF responds to let Gray leave without giving him any traveling money. To the second issue, PF wrote to the prefect to take Burnet, as he was a suitable candidate for the mission. The prefect asked for the travelling money to which the answer was "Nihil." Aless'ro Irvino [Alexander Irvin] was accepted as missionary in 1668 and confirmed in 1671.
Date discussed: 1673-08-02, 1672-12-19 and 1671-08-31
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For the minutes of the PF meeting where this matter was discussed, see: APF ACTA 42, 165r, 189v-191r (not in this database).
See for the petition of Lesley: APF SOCG 440, 564r, 571v (database item 776).
See for the letter of Alexander Winster to PF: APF SOCG 440, 568r-v, 569v (database item 775).










Origin: [Rome]
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