Letter from Alexander Winster to [PF], 1673-03-15, Edinburgh


Letter from Alexander Winster to [PF], 1673-03-15, Edinburgh


Petitions for faculties


Letter from Alexander Winster to [PF]. He has received the order to recall Gilbertu' Graium [Gilberty Gray] from the mission, but he has not yet been able to do this; he needs money in order to cover Gray's travelling expenses. He also needs a refund for the traveling money that he already gave to Alexandro Burnetto [Alexander Burnet]. He has heard that some students travel from one College to the other. Its noted that they spend their time traveling instead of studying, and that the Colleges also receive them without any letters of reccomendation; that is why he asks PF not to accept any students in the Colleges without these letters. As future missionaries, the students are the future of the mission. Altogether there are not more than eight missionaries and one schoolmaster; Gray has had his faculties revoked. Three of the missionaries are Franc' Blanc' [Francis White], Fran' Macdonal [Francis Mcdonnel] and Robert' Monro, who along with the schoolmaster work in the mountain areas. They would actually need six priests there, since there are 4,000 Christians. David Burnett' works in the lower areas, usually in Buchan and sometimes also in 'Mernia' [The Mearns?].  Joannes Irvinus [John Irvin] works in Marr and Aberdeen, and Alex'r Lesleus [Alexander Lesley] works in Strathbogie; Alex'r Ivinus [Alexander Irvin] works in southern Scotland, close to 'Tuedam' and also occassionaly in Edinburgh. The Marquess of Huntly helps all the missionaries and those in the Catholic faith in the area. He hopes that PF will send them missionaries, and provide money. Nobody in the mission currently has the faculties to consecrate portable altars and chalices, as had been granted to Winster in his old faculties. There is a great need for someone who is allowed to do this, and as there is not even one bishop on the whole island, they are not able to get the Holy oils. 
Date discussed: 1673-08-02
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Alexander Winster


APF SOCG 440, 568r-v, 569v




Adressed to [PF]


For the minutes of the PF meeting where this matter was discussed, see: APF ACTA 42, 165r, 189v-191r (not in this database).
This letter was first received by the nuncio and thereafter sent to PF: APF SOCG 440, 565r, 570v (database item 777).
This letter has also been summarized, together with other letters: APF SOCG 440, 563r-v (database item 775).
The answer to this letter is: APF LETTERE 61, 64v-65r (database item 613).


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Origin: Edinburgh
Destination: [Rome]


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