Measures proposed for the Scottish colleges abroad, [1674]


Measures proposed for the Scottish colleges abroad, [1674]


A number of measures proposed to increase the amount of missionaries produced by the Scottish colleges abroad: 1) A visitation to the four colleges. For the college in Paris Card'li Bugliono [Cardinal de Bouillon] will be asked to inform PF about the quality of the students. The second one in Douai is nowadays part of France. They could write the same Cardinal de Bouillon for this and ask the father general of the Jesuits to tell them about the current state of this college. For the college in Madrid they should ask the nuncio [Galeazzo Marescotti]. The fourth college is in Rome about which one can read in this report on the choice of students. 2) They should ask the Jesuits how they choose their students nowadays and if they chose this students with advice from the prefect of the mission. 3) 4) It was discussed if it was better to send regular or secular priests. They do not see how the regular priests could be subjected to the secular prefect of a mission of seculars. In Ireland there are many Franciscans, who are better able to provide in the necessities for the mission than the seculars, neither are they exposed to the same dangers that priests from other countries are. 5) The missionaries will be annualy given Holy vessels according to their need. 6) The missionaries will receive books from PF 7) Provided 8) Provided 9) Help in the maintenance of the missionaries has always been frustrated by the Jesuits. 10) Provided with the faculties that already have been conceded. Maybe there should be written letters to the missionaries to encourage them to actually work for the mission. 11) This is to the prefect to decide. 12) There should be discussed with the superiors of Regular missionaries that the missionaries should be spread over the regions and dioceses of the country, for the secular missionaries they should talk to the prefect of the mission. 14) For the administration of the sacraments they should write to the internuncio. 15) 16) Allowed 17) 18) Should be discussed with the father general of the Jesuits. 19) Allowed, the prefect of the mission and the superiors of the missionaries should be written about this. 20) 21) The opinion of the prefect should be asked for the benefit of the Scottish youth. 22) The faculties to consecrate calices and altars has been conceded. 23) Since there are examples for other missions, they could do the same for Scotland. 24) 25) Since there is no general decree PF will not accept students from Scotland since they have their own colleges. 26) They will write to the nuncio's to France and Belgium in order that they will inform about suitable people and their qualities. 27) This case will be discussed during the meeting of this Congregation. 28) This would not change anything. 29) The current situation should be maintained. 30) Will be supplied by the pope. 31) There will be given a response. 32) They should chose another one, D. Valcherium [John Walker], who was a missionary. 33) It will be better to give this one to John Walker. 34) It would be better if the missionaries were able to use new oil.
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APF CP 23, 201r-202v




These points have first been adressed in the a CP report on the mission in Scotland, see: APF CP 23, 176r-196v (database item 809).
There seem to be other notes in which the same issues are adressed, those though same to be from a later stage, see: APF CP 23, 222r-225r (database item 812).


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