Statement by Ferdinando Di Alaba, [1679]


Statement by Ferdinando Di Alaba, [1679]


Slaves (Christian)


Statement by Ferdinando Di Alaba, procurator of the provinces of Castile, Leon, and Navarra, of the order of the Discalced Trinitarians. Di Alaba informs them that the Trintarians have five hospitals in Algiers. The priests of this order take care of the slaves, and administer the spiritual bread, preach the gospel, celebrate mass, and administer the sacraments of penance and more. They teach the basics of the faith to the children, and with the revenue of the order, they ransom slaves. These priests have worked for the slaves for over 70 years. Recently however a French priest arrived in Algiers, named Gio' leVacher [Jean Le Vacher], as vicar apostolic, without ever wanting to prove this title with papers. He prohibits the priests of the order to use their privileges, and to administer the sacraments to the slaves. He also took the coat of arms of the Spanish king (the protector and benefactor of these hospitals), the crosses, the sign of the Trintarians, and also the Holy sacrament from the hospitals. They had always been very secure, however Le Vacher has since brought it into his house, which is filled with merchants, Muslims, Jews, Lutherans, and other sectarians. As result, the pix with five consecrated wafers got stolen, which puts the sick in danger of dying without their viaticum. The priests who carried the wafers, were also insulted by the infidels. Le Vacher introduced the sick heretics in the same rooms as the Catholics. He wanted the masses to be held in his house too. When the priests refused, he had them detained by their Turkish masters. One of the administrators protested, and was consequently incarcerated and castigated with chains by the Muslim tribune on false pretenses. These cases were brought to court by the nuncio to Spain at PF. They ask PF to give one of the administrators the title and faculties of vicar apostolic.
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The date is based on the fact that it is known that this case was discussed in 1679, see: APF SOCG 475, 93r-98r, 124v (database item 798).


[Ferdinando Di Alaba]


APF SC Barbaria 1, 441r-443r




Adressed to [PF]


copy; unsigned








Origin: unknown
Destination: [Rome]


[Ferdinando Di Alaba], “Statement by Ferdinando Di Alaba, [1679],” Early Modern Documents: Sources and Resources for Historical Research, accessed February 26, 2021,

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