Letter from Jean Le Vacher to the PF Prefect [Paluzio Altieri], 1681-08-29, Algiers


Letter from Jean Le Vacher to the PF Prefect [Paluzio Altieri], 1681-08-29, Algiers


Slaves (Christian)


Letter from Jean Le Vacher to PF. Some days ago he received a letter from a CM superior in Rome, from which Le Vacher understood that Altieri believed that he had extended his jurisdiction over Tripoli, where he had sent a censure of excommunication. PF asked him with a letter dated 30 April 1680, to remedy some problems with Greek slaves in Tripoli, who exercised ecclesiastical functions and administered the sacraments. He has done nothing else, and would not have done anything were it not for PF's request. Later the superior of the house in Rome wrote to him again, informing him that there had been a request to declare Gasparo Stella missionary apostolic in Algiers, and that PF had requested Le Vacher's opinion; so far, he has not yet received a reply. He does however, have a great need of help in the spiritual care of the Christians. His old age and continuous illness has deprived him of the consolation of saying mass, and impeded him to send PF reports on the mission regularly. Therefore, he asks PF to send the new missionary as soon as possible. A French merchant wrote to him some time ago from Tunis, that a group of Capuchins arrived in the city. He had problems allowing there presence, as he (nor Le Vacher) knew that they were coming. Now Le Vacher asks PF what he should do with these Capuchins. In the kingdom of Tunis there is also a place called Capo Negro, which has recently been inhabited by the Genoese. A Trinitarian from Messina fled from Sicily without permission and arrived in Tunis, where Le Vacher forced him to leave as well. He took refuge in Capo Negro, where he is exercising sacerdotal functions. He already asked the governor of this place twice, to make this priest return to Christendom. He asks PF to tell him whether he has jurisdiction over Capo Negro or not, so he is aware of what he is allowed to do.
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Jean Le Vacher


APF SC Barbaria 1, 511r-512r




Adressed to [PF]


For the FP letter that Le Vacher did not receive yet, see: APF LETTERE 70, 43r-v (database item 642).


original; signed








Origin: [Algiers]
Destination: [Rome]


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