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Letter from Father Hyacinth to PF in which he asks for "communication... of all the typesets and books in foreign languages [possessed by PF], and.. the matrixes of certain typesets, which do not exist in France, assuring that he will do the sameā€¦

Petition on behalf of Capuchin Father Hyacinth, requesting PF's confirmation of the "Company of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross," which he had established in Paris with the approval of the archbishop of Paris, with the main goal of convertingā€¦

Petition on behalf of Father Hyacinth to PF requesting 20 new missionaries for the mission in the Levant, in order to replace the ones who are sick.

Printed booklet dedicated to the doctors in Theology of the University of Paris by "Frater Hyacinthus religiousus Capucinus, et humilis Minister S. Congregationis Propagationis fidei Christianae." Contains orations.
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